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Sometimes, I don’t feel like going home. I run around a bush a hundred times, or I count all the trees along the avenue once again, or I simply lie down on the grass of the plaza, which is like an enormous green carpet all painted with flowers.

Topics: violence, family, loneliness, magic, resilience

Going home is a book for children which has the peculiar trait of telling through what the young girl who is its narrator decides not to tell us: But that isn’t what I want to talk about. I want to talk about her magic! And it is precisely that which we don’t wish to talk about, that which we hide because it hurts us, which the author of this story decides to confront, because she knows that if she does so it will make us all stronger.

Pain, violence, fear are present in our lives from a very young age and, sometimes, in our homes: I’m more afraid of the darkness of night than I am of my father’s shouts, which are also dark, but at least they don’t have horrible shapes like the shadows that cloak the city when the sun goes away. However, in addition to these there is also love, creation, the pleasure of feeling and savoring the beauty that, if we pay attention, surprises us in even the simplest details of our every day world: Besides, not for anything would I give up nights next to my mother, who is a great magician. If she cooks, she makes magic. If she helps me with my homework, she makes magic.

Yes, magic helps to endure sadness but that should not be confused with evasion, with the inability to see a social reality that must be transformed. How powerful must that magic be to make us stop feeling like humble little ants and able to reach the heights. I am sure that from the mountaintops, we can see better and nothing can be hidden. I am sure that if we tell our own story we discover, in sharing it, that it is like that of many others. This story takes place in the time it takes the young girl who is its narrator to decide to go home. This is not something new, she always spins in circles and takes a long time before going back to her house and, sometimes, she takes the chance to stop for a moment to speak with us, the readers, and involve us in her reflection.

Of course, it is not easy; going home is, always, returning to our most intimate stories, to those circumstances that define us. Going home is, above all, reencountering oneself and discovering the magic of our uniqueness, of that irreplaceable contribution that only we can make to this life. 

Eliana Lucián Vargha (writer)

Tomando el tema de la violencia doméstica, hace nacer una flor gigantesca de un silencio que grita. (...) Susana conoce los modos de reconciliarnos con la vida.

Laura Martínez Coronel

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